Medium Density
Fibreboard by
Panel Plus

is produced from rubber wood with state of the art technology and machine from Germany. The Fibre Sifter, installed by Panel Plus is the most advanced and sophisticated machine at present, which is able to remove most of the latex in the processing stage thus minimizing the chance of any latex spots on the surface of the board. Thus, it can provide smooth surface for spray painting, which requires the gloss, for built-in furniture, decorating work within various buildings including edging, baseboard and bending works.

Made from



4x8 ft., 6x8 ft.


2.0-40 mm.


E2, E1, E0, SE0,

As the health and safety of our employees and community has always been one of top priorities we have installed the Press Fume Extraction System to make sure that the formaldehyde level at the production and surrounding areas is at its minimum. We went a step further in protecting the environment and community we operate in by being the first in region to install an

Precipitator (ESP)

which detects the dust from production and also reduces the air pollution to our community.