NEW COLLECTION 2018 at Architect fair


Panel Plus has launched new products held at Architect’61, challenger hall 1-3, Impact Muang Thong Thani, on May 1st - 6th , 2018. With the concept of  “ The Masterpieces”  With the highlight of our 21 designs in New Collection 2018; Synchronous Panel, Lacquer High Gloss and Flame Retardant Board. While the most popular one was Lacquer High Gloss Board, especially in marble design, there was also new designs for Synchronous Panels with both Forest Oak and Terra Walnut , resulted in good responses from Interior Designers, Furniture Makers and Contractors.

Moreover, Panel Plus held an activity “ Like & Share on Facebook and Workshop  ” for visitors who came to Panel Plus booths with special souvenirs. In conclusion, Panel Plus products could serve customer needs with a thankful and memorable activity.